5 things I learned in Chicago.

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August 20, 2012 by Courtney

1) The pizza is the best. No matter where you eat it. It’s all good. We chose Giordano’s, an excellent selection. You can even order while you wait for a table so that the pizza is ready by the time you sit down. Perfection.









2) Walking is great exercise, but take a free trolley when you can. Shopping is exercise people. Don’t argue me, you know I’m right.

3) Life is a sport. Make it count. Nike still rules all. Even though it was closed for reconstruction. It’s okay, I still love you Nike.

4) 9.5% sales tax really can screw you over, but you should still never pass up a good sale. I managed to buy everything except one scarf on sale. I call that some good Michigan Ave. shopping!

4b) Orbit has quite possible made the cutest thing of all time:

5) I confirmed that I still want to live here someday. But my bank account definitely doesn’t.



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